Lord, please forgive me, for I'm about to say what I actually think!  

Dear All,
This is an official announcement: at the age of 34, I decided to stop taking drugs... and, with all-my-respect, I publicly state my arguments:

I started taking drugs at the age of 14 (Jesus!!! I do not recommend anyone to take this precise detail as an example) 🤦🏻‍♀️ Looking back, the reasons that led me to do it were a deep need to get out of the norm, to challenge preconceptions that I did not agreed with and, of course, to challenge my physical body and dear brain... In the end, to see what it had to give me.

I LOVE DRUGS and, with this speech, I hope to start building a world where they are seen as tools for us to grow, evolve, have fun, network, start great business ideas and do VERY CREATIVE SHIT!

My personality was totally shaped by the drugs I consumed... And drugs offered me what any God, religion, school or political party was never able to teach me... And, briefly, I detail my list:
Ash (thanks, but no thanks!)
Cocaine (the fucking bastard)
Mushrooms (the sweeties)
Lsd (my Father)
MDMA/Ecstasy (the World Peace agent)
Mescaline (the roller-coaster - fasten your seat belts!)
Opium (the chill out zone)
Ketamine (the precious child)
Speed (my biggest life regret)
Changa (the kaleidoscop)

I WILL MISS YOU My Friends ❤️ Learning to live without your support and guidance will, for sure, be a challenge... but, as we say in Portugal, "I had my dose!" and your wisdom lives already in my DNA 🙏

This may make me sound that I was an avid consumer... No, I never was... but I've done it regularly for 20 years... each one in it's proper time and environment... and, at least, 50% (probably more) of the (great) people I know also do it 💃

To master the knowledge of any drug, my BIG advise is that you should go VERY SLOWLY... start with tiny-tiny doses, so it reveals it's personality gently... And always make sure you buy from trustful sources and that you are COMPLETELY AWARE of everything it involves, such as hangovers and side effects - YOU MUST Google it!

I've always done it "as-safely-as-possible" and I've rarely seen complicated situations. However, I saw many-many people becoming addicted to Cocaine and Ash-related but, normally, the main problem of these people is the lack of a life-purpose and/or unbalanced life-priorities! I also saw friends with schizophrenic-related genomes having a faster manifestation of their mental diseases after consuming drugs... And no, I never saw someone dying, but shit happens! Specially to those with delicate health conditions ⚠️ so, even to do drugs, maintaining an HEALTHY LIFESTYLE is very important 🧘‍♀️

The most interesting things I've witnessed along this journey were:
1. People that consumed some of these drugs, specially Mushrooms and LSD, are clearly more connected to Nature-subjects than standard human beings (Mr Trump should, definitely, go meet Alice in Wonderland... for the sake of Our Dear Planet).
2. People who took MDMA/ecstasy tend to have very strong social skills and networks (a case to study).

My biggest wish is that my kids will be able to try drugs safely (of course, only if it comes to be of their interest), in a clean and regulated environment, with the guidance and support of their relatives and friends... and without any kind of judgement 🤸‍♀️ I also believe that, in a not-very-far-future, start-ups to big corporations will discover the power of these tools and, somehow, embed them in their practices towards big achievements 🚀

From my side, I'm leaving this relationship on a high (😝) note. The reasons behind my decision are:
1. It no longer brings novelty into my life (eating seafood is good, but not if you do it everyday!).
2. I’m sick of all the downsides — yes, there are several. (I truly believe that, soon, better drugs will be developed… and the environments where these tools will be explored will be more attractive that clubs full of alcohol and cigarettes… I’m totally in for that!)

I will now embrace my drug-free persona and receive everything it has to give me with my arms wide open.

I'll try to find time to write more about my experiences here in the #FollowTheArrow blog. For now I leave you with:

1. A quote from "HOMO DEUS", one of the best sellers by the famous Israeli, Yuval Noah Harari:
2. A text I wrote about 1 year ago, which was banned by Instagram... So I kindly address this part of my message to the SOCIAL NETWORKS - If we carefully analyse history, evolution has always been about overcoming preconceptions and "the beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name". 🤝 

Taking LSD was a profound experience and, for sure, one of the most important things in my life. LSD reinforced my sense of what is important — it connected me to Nature and made me understand the value of every single living being... It aroused my curiosity for studies (I was never a good student until I started using it and became one of the top3 of my school) and it taught me the importance of creating great things (yes, it did the same to Francis Crick, Steve Jobs, John Lennon and many others).
Not that I'm recommending it... It's a very delicate field and, for sure, not for everyone... Even me, I no longer have courage to go there... LSD opens the (famously known as) doors-of-perception in our brain and, once those doors are opened, it has nothing more to offer you (let's say, it's no longer pleasant) 😅 As Timothy Leary said "I don't need LDS. I already know it."
Life is made of phases, which are all connected and guiding us to our destiny 🙏 "LSD is just a tool to turn us into what we are supposed to be."  Albert Hoffman

For those interested in LSD, I suggest you the safeness of guided micro-dosing. You should start by reading "The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide" by James Fadiman.


I found the time and courage to write about this subject during my trip to the Peruvian Amazon. Nature is the love-of-my-life and where I find my balance and focus. This trip was one of the most profound experiences I ever submitted myself to - I did a 23 days intensive diet with 3 specific plants (I also plan to write about it here in the blog). I did it for my health, for MDMA and to prove the power of Nature through my body and MY WORK... just stay tuned!

Take care, HAVE FUN and #FollowTheArrow 🎢




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