As you might know, I came up with the idea for this brand in the context of a Sustainable Fashion MA program, in the London College of Fashion.
In 2015 I submitted my MDMA project for a SEED Funding from the Deutsche Bank. Any LCF Alumni could apply, and so I did. What interested me the most about this funding was not the £10.000 (that would obviously be very convenient) but the 2 years of free consultancy with the DB network... I believe that, more than anything, the opportunity of working with professionals from one of the world's strongest banks could have been fascinating...

However, one morning I received a phone call from the funding team saying that my project was selected for the award, but neither DB nor LCF wanted to be connected to a brand named MDMA 💣 they said I would have the prize if I changed my brand's name... I tumbled!

I always knew I would face this kind of situations along my MDMA journey... It was definitely not an easy decision but, in the end, I rejected the award and decided not to change my vision for something more standard. Sometimes you just have to show your BIG-MIDDLE-FINGER and do your thing 🖕 and that's what I did!

Still from time to time, some potential investors say they would invest in my project if I only changed its name. In the beginning it was difficult to digest but nowadays I just LOL, because it simply means that these are not the right people to work with... If I had taken in consideration what every single person thinks about my vision, it would no longer be MY VISION. Besides that, I know from the bottom of my heart that if I had changed the name of my brand for something more convenient, I wouldn't have the same gut energy to conquer the world with my disruptive message!

I didn't start this project only to sell pretty shoes... I created this shit to rebel against the things I do not agree with and to do the things I love the most: take care of our dear Planet Earth and push our human race forward.

MDMA is now 3 years old and it is the biggest love of my life. To witness the satisfaction and receive the support of everyone that buys from is pure ecstasy... And, on the top of all, MDMA has been opening me doors to work with companies, professionals and artists that I truly admire and that is priceless.

Having said this, I wish to give someone on the other side of the screen the courage to trust your vision and do your thing... because the world needs it!


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