MY (inconvenient) INSTA (RO)BOTS

MY (inconvenient) INSTA (RO)BOTS

Yes, I'm embracing automatization! And, against the opinion of some of my team members, I feel it's quite right to write about my Insta (ro)bots.

Precisely 1 year ago, I recruited 2 bots to manage my Instagram accounts - 1 for my personal and 1 for MDMA's. Basically, I programmed these "guys" to act (almost precisely) like I would when I'm on Insta, while I take care of the rest of the business offline. I gave them precise instructions, such as:
- to follow people with similar interests
- to send a welcome message whenever people follow me (in which I always mention it is an automatic one)
- to leave my "Let's be the generation that makes a f*cking difference! 🌍♻️👌" comment in posts with subjects of my interest
- to like interesting comments

I see these bots as me saying "Hi! This is who I am and this is what I do! Who are you?" and I can proudly say that these digital services put me in contact with many interesting and like-minded people from all around the globe, some of whom I chat on a regular basis. Off course, whenever people interact with the automatic actions, it's me who answers and keeps the relationship from there on.

Here is the funny part of the story: as my wanna-be-a-successful-entrepreneur-pocket is (always) super low on budget, I put my digital-employees working on TURBO for several months (yes, you can opt between lazy robots to super active ones... for the same price 🤔), which means I gave them the maximum-possible-of-minimum daily actions. (I demanded a minimum of 5k likes per day, supposedly, according to my "interests"... however, in a phase I was only following 4k accounts, my robots had to be creative to answer to my ambitious commands). After a couple of months, I started noticing that "I" was liking (inconvenient) pictures of people that belong to my close social circles, such as:
- my real friends (fair enough)
- the friends of my real friends (hmmm, OK I can live with that!)
- the boyfriends of my friends (this is awkward) 🙄
- the current girlfriends of my ex-boyfriends 😅 (OK, this is a bit too much!)
- ex-boy-toys, some of whom things ended quite happily, but also others with whom things turned quite sour... (GOSH! How embarrassing) 😂

"Those who owe nothing, has nothing to fear" and, in this context, things always turned out quite funny but... I raise my white flag 🏳️ and dear robots, PLEASE BEHAVE!


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