An exhausted person can't save the World so, I'm taking a break!

Dear All,
This is an official announcement: after 3 years of really-really hard work, I decided to take it easy  jump on a sabbatical year (or 2🤔). I lived a period of tremendous stress, didn't have my period for 6 months and started loosing hair (now I'm bleeding healthy and I'm furry again) 😅

A sabbatical period means (something like) taking time off in order to fulfill some dream. Many people take this chance to travel the world... well, there's nothing I want to explore more than my creativity, so I'm planning to go on a slightly different trip!

MDMAshoes has been a joyful experience. The brand grew sustainably, without any kind of financial support, from the beginning... but it was always me using all the hats in the company... therefore I collapsed!

During these 3 years I had a few proposals for partnerships but, honestly, I didn't find "the right guy for a marriage". For those who dream of launching a (fashion) brand, let me tell you that there are many other things in life that will give you more money and more freedom - real estate and cryptocurrencies are just 2 to mention. On the other hand, this world really doesn't need more products, so PLEASE DO THINK TWICE!

Just like the other guy said, I don't know where I'm going from here but, I promise, it won't be boring 👩‍🎤

Take care,
#TheGirlWithTheArrowTattoo 🦋


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