Five years ago, sustainability was a topic only chewed by the mouths of a very tiny group of people. Today it's one of the majors (probably the major) discussions running on the Planet.

Soon, every brand/business will only be valid if it has a non-harmful relationship with humans and the environment. This means that sustainability will be a given in any product and service, so companies will be forced to look in other directions and find differentiated values (USP = unique selling points) to stay competitive! 

I have a strong feeling that one of the hugest trends coming in our way will be the OVERVALUATION OF CREATIVITY, by:

1) Individuals - people with non-creative jobs/lives will start looking for creative activities, such as workshops and courses, to discover their own voice/expression... some neo-hippies are calling it "rediscovering their inner-child" 👶

2) Schools - with robotization, creativity will become the strongest human's currency, so schools will have to adapt fast... or else we will have a couple of useless-and-meaningless generations 💲 

3) Companies - business will have to:

A) Embed creativity-enhancing practices in their systems to stay competitive, while allowing employees to discover and express their unique value. 💫

B) Add artistic aesthetics and thinking in products and services, because the public will start to expect these to be much more than just (sustainable) products and services. 🎢


Stay tuned and FollowTheArrow!



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