SARA PIGNATELLI: The Girl with the Arrow Tattoo


Welcome to MDMAshoes – the eco shoes company I started in 2015, with a dream to reduce the environmental impact of a standard shoe.

MDMA minimize damage MAXIMIZE ART

Does it sounds provocative? Good to know! It is intended to capture the attention of people like you and me. We are the generation that wish to look good and enjoy quality with products that don’t harm our planet. The MDMA core values can be found in our range of limited edition shoes made from recycled materials.

MISSION: Bring Sustainable Fashion to the Mainstream

After working for many years in the footwear industry, at the age of 30 I decided to do a Master in Sustainable Fashion because it became clear to me that I could make better shoes just by making few changes in the production process. Instead of creating new materials every season, we collect discarded clothing and waste materials from factories producing all sorts, from furniture to luggage.

Saving the Planet Must Be a Team Effort

With the collaboration of our suppliers, the support of my family and friends, and a shared commitment to an eco friendly lifestyle, MDMA has begun. Our first year in business has been a blast, we have learned so much and met many wonderful, like-minded people along the way. Most importantly, our customers tell us the shoes are simply addictive.

And there is much more to come from MDMA – plenty of new shoe designs, plus an exciting, innovative product development, not seen before in our industry – sorry to be secretive! I promise you will be the first to know.

Meanwhile, I hope you find a pair of MDMAshoes you like and take your place to achieve the mission – everyone is welcome.

FYI: The Tattoo

When I was 30, I made a promise: to never create fashion from harmful materials. My arrow tattoo is the stamp of this commitment and became the symbol of MDMA.

Take care,

Sara x