Limited Edition – Unlimited Creativity

MDMAshoes are all limited edition: we produce just two pairs of some styles, and never more than 100 of any design. Reusing materials makes it virtually impossible to repeat, so each pair MDMAshoes is unique.

MDMA: minimize damage MAXIMIZE ART

We make quality footwear, with comfort and style at the forefront of our mind, while getting creative with sourcing and production. Our products are made from a mix of materials, which would otherwise be industrial waste.

Let’s be the generation that makes a difference!

All MDMAshoes ride on a sole made of rubber residues by Bolflex while giving a second chance to discarded clothing that we found at H Sarah Trading and textile leftovers supplied by Seraical. These materials are combined with a by-product from the food industry – natural leather.

MISSION: Bring Sustainable Fashion to the Mainstream

At MDMAshoes we work to reinvent the way fashion products are made, and to start making a positive difference.

Buy less but buy better.